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What Are the Job Duties of an Office Assistant?

Office assistants can work for doctors, corporations and government offices. The duties an office assistant performs may be specialised for the particular type of office, but all assistants perform some common duties.

An office assistant is usually an entry-level position, but many have previous office experience, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A high school education and computer skills are necessary to perform the duties of an office assistant or clerk.

General Office Duties

Office duties for an office assistant include keyboarding, filing, faxing and photocopying. The office duties may change from day to day and the office assistant performs tasks as they are necessary. General office duties require office assistants to be familiar with office equipment such as photocopiers, fax machines and computers.


Office assistant duties include taking inventory. In a medical office, this includes organising office supplies and medications necessary for the treatment of patients.

Office clerks who work for a manufacturer or distributor may take inventory of products and materials. The inventory also includes the equipment and supplies used in the office.

Answer Telephones

The office assistant answers calls directed at a particular office or department. This may include calls from other departments and outside calls from customers. The assistant answers general questions or directs the caller to others in the office who can answer questions.

Records Maintenance

The duties of an office clerk or assistant include maintaining records, such as payroll and financial records. This can involve entering data or creating reports for other staff members. The office clerk may be required to verify the accuracy of reports.

Supervisory Duties

An experienced office assistant may supervise the work of entry-level office assistants in the organisation. This includes assigning duties and monitoring the work of lower level workers in the office.

Travel Arrangements

Some office assistants make travel arrangements for executives or management employees in the organisation. This includes arranging flights, hotels and other accommodations and arranging for transportation at the airport.


The average salary for an office assistant is £25,350 as of May 2010, according to