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Jobs in General Office Duties

Jobs with general office duties are anything but general. In fact, these jobs are the backbone of businesses.

Individuals performing general office duties are completing tasks that are vital to keeping companies running smoothly.

However, not all jobs with general office duties are the same. Jobs vary according to title, experience, duties and education. For instance, a personnel clerk performs general duties such as maintaining personnel records and typing up employee reports.

General Office Clerks

A general office clerk performs duties depending on the needs of the employer. For example, she may spend her time filing paperwork or entering data into a computer system one day. However, the next day the general office clerk may spend time photocopying files and opening mail or faxing documents. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), general office duties for a clerk vary depending on experience.

An inexperienced clerk may have the general office duties of stuffing envelopes and sorting records.

An experienced clerk, who has spent more years working in the job, may be responsible for taking inventory of office supplies, answering customers' complaints, maintaining spreadsheets and making travel arrangements for other employees. Although a high school diploma is usually required for the job, an employer may prefer hiring an applicant who has previously worked in an office.

Mail Clerk

A mail clerk is responsible for more specific general office duties. The clerk spends his day preparing a company's incoming mail. For instance, he opens the envelopes and reads the information before sorting it according to whom it is addressed. The mail clerk is responsible for stamping the mail such as correspondence and invoices with the date received. He is also responsible for outgoing mail. For example, the mail clerk seals and affixes postage to envelopes and packages before they are picked up by postal or delivery services.

General office duties for a mail clerk also include completing and keeping records regarding incoming and outgoing mail. Typically, a high school diploma is the educational requirement for the job.


Besides being the face of the business she works for by greeting visitors and answering questions, a receptionist also performs general office duties. For instance, she is responsible for coordinating and distributing the incoming mail received from the mailroom.

Other general office duties that a receptionist does include faxing documents, filing and updating records and entering appointments. A high school diploma is typically the educational requirement.

Payroll Clerks

A payroll clerk, also called a timekeeping clerk, is responsible for creating, compiling and maintaining employee payroll records.

Typically, he works in a company's accounting office to assist with making sure fellow employees are paid on time and that the paychecks are accurate. A high school diploma is usually the educational requirement needed to work as a payroll clerk.