Free Government Disability Grants for Individuals

The government is well aware of the fact that people with disabilities are citizens of our society. They realise that these citizens must have a stake in the economical, social and political processes that help to keep this nation strong and flourishing. The government gives funding to organisations that has been created for the purpose of aiding disabled individuals. Disabled people can use these grants to accomplish major life activities that will help them to exercise their rights as citizens, make relevant contributions to our society, and help to ensure our nation's way of life.

Work Incentive Grants

Work incentive grants are available for persons with disabilities through one-stop career centres. This grant improves the one-stop system that helps disabled people to find employment, increase their earning capacity and attain occupational skills. These centres offer services to disabled people through work incentive grants to find employment suitable for their particular disability. Disabled individuals who are eligible for employment and training under the Workforce Investment Act can benefit from this grant. Contact the Employment and Training Administration, Office of Workforce Investment and Division of Adult Services for more information.

Books for the Disabled

The Books for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is a grant that provides library service to blind and physically disabled individuals. The grant donates assistance in terms of property, facilities and equipment. To receive this grant, an authorised professional must provide a certificate of inability to read or to manipulate printed materials for a disabled individual. These authorised persons include health professionals such as optometrists, registered nurses and hospital staff. Blind and physically disabled individuals can apply for this grant.

Rehabilitation Training

Rehabilitation Services Demonstration and Training Program is a grant that gives financial assistance for projects and for improving provisions and expanding rehabilitation. Also, this grant helps to improve research and evaluations pertaining to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This grant helps underserved disabled populations, those with low-incidence disabilities and those needing technical assistance. The Department of Education and the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services should be contacted about this particular grant to find out more information about what benefits it has to offer.

Assistive Technology

There is a grant that the government offers that goes by the name of the Assistive Technology State Grants for Protection and Advocacy. This particular endowment allows disabled people to use technology through the use of assistive means. The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services and the Department of Education offer this grant to higher level educational facilities and public and charter schools. To find out more about how this grant would benefit people with disabilities, contact the appropriate agencies.

Medical Assistance Program

Blind and disabled individuals with a low income can benefit from this particular government grant by receiving direct financial assistance in the form of cash payments. This type of grant allows for states to provide clinics, patient hospital services and rural health clinic services. Each state has to determine the criteria for the eligibility of this grant within federal guidelines. Individuals can apply to the state and local welfare agencies to benefit from the grant-funded program.

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