Grants for employing disabled people

Your business is looking for the best employees and there are grants that will pay you to hire them. People with disabilities can make a significant contribution to your business. According to Workforce, at large companies like IBM, "disabled workers contribute millions to the bottom line." You don't need to hesitate to hire a qualified worker with a disability because there are grants that will pay for any adaptive equipment they might need to enable them to contribute to your bottom line.


If you manage a research or science-based business, you might be able to qualify for funding for additional employees. The EntryPoint grant program, sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, will provide you with qualified summer interns free of charge. You get a free employee for the summer, your EntryPoint intern gains valuable experience and all the expenses are covered by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Job Accommodation Network

The Job Accommodation Network provides free consultation services to help you develop the right technology to allow a disabled worker to be successful in your business. Their experts will work with you to review your current location, design an accommodation plan, including things like voice recognition software, text magnification tools or work station modifications. They can even link you with funding to purchase any needed improvements.

Office of Disability Employment

The Office of Disability Employment offers a wide range of support programs for businesses who would like to hire disabled employees. Their Ticket to Work program provides monetary support for hiring disabled employees on Social Security disability. They can provide support for transportation so that your new employee can get to work on time. They even provide funding for personal assistants who can help your disabled employees with things like reaching files, reading handwritten materials, or interpreting sign language.

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