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High paying in demand jobs

Even in a failing economy, you can still find high paying in-demand jobs if you know where to look. Regardless of your level of education or personal interest, if you evaluate your skills, education and experience, a bit of research into current employment statistics can lead you to undiscovered opportunities. Fortunately, numerous expert resources have narrowed down the best opportunities in high-demand, well-compensated careers into categories to assist you in finding your ideal occupation.

Highest Paying Jobs of 2013

In early 2013 Smart Spend -- a career and finance resource website -- published a compilation of "10 Highest Paying Jobs in Demand for 2013." The list includes a variety of occupations in fields of science, health care, technology and marketing with median salaries ranging anywhere from £27,950 to £70,200. According to the publication, the lowest paying position of the top 10 of 2010 is survey researcher that earns £27,950 to £55,315 per year. The highest paying occupation is biochemist earning £38,350 to £70,200 annually. Other top jobs on the list include veterinarians, dental hygienists and software engineers.

High Paying Non-Degree

If you want to find a good paying in-demand job while you attend college -- or bypass university altogether -- with the 10 High Paying Jobs That Require No Degree. At the top of the list is Air Traffic Controller, which requires no college degree providing that applicants complete a two- to four-year non-degree engineering course through the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative, AT-CTI. Other high paying in-demand jobs on the list include nuclear medicine technicians, railroad conductors, elevator repair personnel and casino gaming managers.

Jobs That Require Minimal University or Training

If you are still in college and looking for high paying jobs, or have earned an associate's degree, Money Talks News recommends "5 In-Demand Jobs That Pay Well and Don't Require a 4-Year Degree." The online personal finance news resource reports that in 2010, the most easily accessible and well compensated positions earn between £19,500 and £67,600 per year and require an associate's degree or less. Listed occupations include auto services agents, technicians and mechanics, hairstylists and cosmetologists, registered and licensed practical nurses and computer support specialists.

Science Related Fields

In 2010 "The Science Of Health" public service website predicts that the highest paying in-demand jobs of the decade will be found in the science industry. According to the publication, 25 of the best career paths in the near future will include occupations in health care, environment, technology and military sciences and produce generous salaries. Some of the most in-demand science occupations with favourable wages include surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, nurses, environmental consultants, military technologists, forensic scientists and computer software, aerospace and civil engineers.

Jobs that Require Physical Prescence lends some credible advice regarding securing a well-compensated position in these times of offshore outsourcing and human jobs being replaced by technology. In the 2013 article "Hot Jobs For The Future, " the publication advises that typically, the best job security in high-demand, well paying-jobs is found in occupations that require a physical presence or a high level of detail and skill. CareerPlanner recommends occupations such as carpenter, nurse, writer, designer and marketing strategist.