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Hotel duty manager job description

A hotel duty manager, also commonly called a hotel manager in the United States, is in charge of a hotel’s daily operations.

She is required to guarantee optimum guest relations concurrent with managing and supervising departmental managers and staff members. Her job is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages guests to return and to recommend the lodging facilities to others.

Skill Requirements

This position requires exemplary motivational, supervisory and customer service skills. A hotel duty manager must inspire her staff to always put customers’ needs first and consistently display a professional and friendly attitude.

Organizational skills are necessary to prioritise and delegate jobs to maintain smooth daily operations. Proficiency in conflict resolution is needed to resolve guest issues. Public relations abilities are helpful in promoting the business to the community.

Job Duties

Providing the highest quality guest accommodations and services is the main job of a hotel duty manager.

She accomplishes this by hiring, training and supervising quality personnel to work in all departments, including front desk operations, reservations, guest relations and housekeeping.

Her job also requires her to develop promotional and marketing plans to increase business and create a favourable image in the community. She must also prepare budgets and revenue projections for upper management review and feedback.

Working Conditions

A hotel duty manager normally reports to a general manager who is frequently also the hotel owner in the case of privately held properties. She is required to dress sharply and professionally to present the best image of the hotel to the public. Her work hours are normally long and often include evenings and weekends. Most of her time is usually spent exploring different areas of the hotel to ensure quality standards are being met, with the remainder of her workday spent on administrative tasks.

Educational Requirements

Most employers require a degree in hospitality or business management for hotel duty manager applicants.

In lieu of a degree, some companies will accept relevant, successful experience and certificates in hospitality operations from job seekers.

Expertise gained through working in a hotel environment is considered an asset for aspiring hotel duty managers. A considerable number of hotel chains offer in-house management programs coupled with on-the-job training for this job.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities

According to, the 2009 median salary in the United States for a hotel duty manager was £62,009. Advancement opportunities at chain hotels in general management are frequently available. Chances for promotion in smaller hotels are usually limited.