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Hotel Reservation Clerk Job Description

It might not be a career path that's crossed your mind, but if you have done any travelling, you're most likely familiar with the job duties of a hotel reservation desk clerk. Working as a liaison between guests and the hotel, hotel reservation desk clerks interact with people of all ages and nationalities in an exciting environment that offers high potential for growth.


Hotel reservation desk clerks' responsibilities include checking guests in and out, assigning guests to appropriate rooms, informing the public about the hotel and the amenities it provides and answering any questions or resolving issues the guests run into once they arrive. As a representative of the hotel whom the guests will have a lot of contact with, desk clerks must have exceptional communication skills to ensure guests have an enjoyable stay. These clerks must also be highly organised so that rooms are properly assigned and the hotel does not get overbooked.

Education and Experience

Most establishments will require hotel reservation desk clerks to have at least a high school diploma, but some of the larger, pricier hotels will ask that the clerks have a college degree. Many colleges offer hospitality management degrees, and starting off as a clerk is a good stepping stone to a management job at a hotel because many establishments prefer to hire from within. Although not necessary, having previous customer service experience can be helpful, and all employers will look for someone who is friendly, knowledgeable and customer-oriented. Most clerks will have to go through on-the-job training as well.


Being a hotel reservation desk clerk has its benefits. Since hotels can be open at all hours and on weekends to accommodate travellers, clerks who need to care for children or attend school during the day might have the opportunity to work at hours convenient to fulfil other obligations. Also, hotels and motels are virtually everywhere, so finding a job in a thriving city or a small town is possible.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hotel reservation desk clerks were earning a median annual wage of £12,662 in May 2008.

Job Outlook

Hotel, motel and resort desk clerk employment is expected to rise faster than the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Consumers are expected to start travelling more frequently, and developers are building large resorts and smaller limited-service hotels across the country, creating more opportunities for workers in this field.