Hotel room attendant job description

A hotel room attendant is responsible for keeping guest rooms in a hotel, motel, lodge or inn clean, safe, stocked and maintained. She is expected to be friendly and engaging when interacting with patrons to project a positive image of the establishment. Her job is usually a staff position that requires her interaction and coordination with other service employees.

Skill Requirements

Outstanding attention to detail is required for this job. A hotel room attendant is required to inspect every room she enters for damage and wear before she begins her cleaning regime. She must know how to thoroughly clean furniture, floors and bathroom fixtures in an efficient manner to complete her job on time. Her position requires her to safely handle cleaning solutions and properly operate cleaning equipment. She should have good communication skills to properly and completely answer customer inquiries.

Job Duties

This position mainly focuses on cleaning and maintenance. In addition to cleaning rooms, a hotel room attendant is required to change bed linens, replace towels and facecloths and restock toilet tissue, complimentary toiletries and refreshments offered for sale in the rooms’ minibars. Treating customers with courtesy and respect through honouring their privacy is important for hotel room attendants. Most attendants are required to meet with a hotel room attendant supervisor or manager prior to their shifts to receive special instructions or directives. They are also expected to alert their supervisors of any room damage or need for additional cleaning or room supplies.

Working Conditions

The physical demands of cleaning require a hotel room attendant to be flexible and in good physical condition. She should also be able to easily lift mattresses and move luggage and small pieces of furniture. Most hotels require hotel room attendants to wear uniforms supplied by the company. Shift work is commonly required for this position.

Educational Requirements

There are typically no educational requirements for this position. Most employers require applicants to be able to read and write in English. Knowledge gained through related jobs is preferred for hotel room attendant job applicants.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities

Chances to be promoted to hotel room attendant supervisor or manager are sometimes available if an attendant displays exceptional aptitude and leadership abilities. According to, the salary range in June 2010 for a hotel room attendant in the United States was £11,518 to £18,584. Salaries are highly dependent on the size and geographic location of the business as well as the economic conditions. Some companies offer discounted room rates as a benefit to employees.

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