Interview questions on innovation

When applying for a job in a technology industry, you should expect to hear several questions on innovation in your job interview. Innovative thinking and ambition are important to any company that operates a forward-thinking organisation. If you can effectively demonstrate innovative thinking and talents, your value to many organisations will increase.

Something New

Job Bank USA suggests you prepare for a question like "when have you tried something new in your job and was it successful?" In your response, it is suggested that you demonstrate your willingness to take risks and to be creative. Companies that use innovation as part of normal business operation need to see that you are willing and able to come up with new ways of doing things.

Out of the Box

The expression "thinking out of the box" is often used to describe thought processes that extend beyond normally defined boundaries. Job Bank USA indicates a company might ask you to explain a situation in which you tried to solve a problem with new ideas and methods. Your response should show your ability to come up with new ideas instinctively and effectively. In essence, the interviewer wants to understand your definition of out-of-the-box thinking.

Recent Ideas

In its "Common Questions Asked at Competence Based Interviews," the Job Application and Interview Advice site says to be prepared for a question about an idea you have submitted in the last six months (or similar time frame) to your company. The interviewer wants to know if you consistently introduce new ideas. He also wants to know what benefits your idea offers and whether it was successfully implemented. This question is a test of your practical innovative abilities.

Innovative Leadership

A leadership job with an innovative company would likely produce a question about what you do to encourage others to be innovative, according to the Job Application and Interview Advice site. Even if you are not applying for a management position, the interviewer may want to see that you understand teamwork in innovation. In your response, include methods used, implementation effectiveness and feedback you received from other workers on your innovative leadership.

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