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Job Description for an Assistant Front Desk Manager

An assistant front desk manager is generally the first point of contact for customers. Assistant managers are generally employed in the hospitality industry -- in hotels, inns, resorts, high-end motels and spas.

In this role, the assistant front desk manager has to provide a consistently high quality of customer service to customers. The daily responsibilities of the assistant manager vary depending on the size of the establishment. The assistant manager reports to the front desk manager and assists with the management and administration of all front office operations.

Key Responsibilities

The main function of the assistant front desk manager is to help the manager with the daily operations of the front office. Duties includes planning work schedules for other staff, coordinating and supervising operational activities of other front office staff, working within the establishment's guidelines to perform guest check-ins and checkouts, providing exceptional customer service, making sure the day's work is completed, supervising shift closings, refunds, rebates and room deposits, performing house counts, reviewing daily arrivals, handling guest complaints, resolving problems with rooms promptly and assisting the manager with hiring and scheduling within the front office.

Other Responsibilities

The front desk manager helps train and develop front desk staff, complete payroll duties, supervise attendance, attitudes and appearance of other staff and conduct meetings to resolve staff-related and guest-related issues. The manager might also be responsible for: reviewing and resolving account disputes, housekeeping discrepancies and in-house restaurant billing problems; conducting shift briefings for the new shift to provide updates on activities; maintaining communication between the front office and other departments; performing room checks for special guests; carrying out special requests in accordance with guest requirements; and providing information on sightseeing tours, hotel activities and facilities for guests.

Academic and Skills Profile

An assistant front office manager should have completed a university degree in hotel management, a postsecondary hospitality management certificate or diploma or a business management diploma. Additional short courses on customer service, management, hotel industry software packages, billing and accounting are useful.

Each organisation may have a minimum work experience requirement that may include managerial experience. The key skills required in the role include being a team player, managing a team, working in a multicultural environment, managing diverse ethic groups, delivering superior customer service and excelling at people management, math and leadership.

Personality Profile

The personality of an assistant front desk manager should complement the job and its particular demands.

But in general, a successful manager should be punctual, patient, tactful and diplomatic, quick thinking, courteous, reliable, personable and neat in appearance. Further, it helps to possess problem-solving abilities, good communication skills and an ability to maintain composure in stressful situations.