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Job Description of an Architectural Assistant

An architectural assistant is an entry level employee into the career of an architect. The architectural assistant is further classified into an assistant level I and level II.


The architectural assistant serves as a program for those who are not yet qualified to work as architects to gain experience in their field.

Level I&II

A level I architectural assistant works under the direct supervision of an architect. Employees at level l perform more routine tasks of the job. Level II employees are given a greater freedom to work on their own as well as more responsibility.


Duties of an architectural assistant can include but are not limited to: studies of existing and proposed buildings, preparation of documents for project authorisation, management of the bidding process, checking of code compliance, preparation of reports and other assigned duties.


Level I architectural assistants are expected to have a four year degree in architectural design and CAD skills. Applicants are not expected to have any related work experience. Level II employees are expected to have related work experience and at least a four year degree in architectural design. Most programs fill their level II positions by promoting their level I employees.