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How much does a concert promoter make?

Music enthusiasts who enjoy live entertainment, working in a social atmosphere and have a background in marketing and advertising are ideal candidates for jobs as concert promoters. Concert and event promoters work closely with musical artists and event coordinators to publicise live events.

Duties usually include placing TV, radio and print advertisements, organising social media campaigns and executing various marketing techniques to get people to the show. Your salary as a concert promoter may vary dramatically according to the stature of artists you work with and the magnitude of the events.

Broad Statistics

Concert promoters can be classified as promotions and public relations managers in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010-11 Edition Occupational Outlook Handbook and as advertising and promotions managers in its Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics.

According to these documents, of all position holders surveyed in May of 2008, the median average salary is £68,874 per year. The lowest 10 per cent earn about £26,962 per year, and the highest more than £79,670.

Lowest Earnings

What the BLS does not report is that many small concert promoters earn far less than even the lowest-paid promotion managers included its surveys. Generally, if you are working with small venues and local, unsigned talent you can expect a considerable reduction in salary. In 2011 the Simply Hired career website estimates that event promoters earn about £16,250 per year. Salary Expert reports indicate even lower salaries for concert promoters, ranging from £7,538 to £10,255 per year across the country.

Higher Earnings

Both Simply Hired and Indeed career websites have published concert promotion salary estimates that are closely comparable to BLS statistics for promotion managers. In 2011, Simply Hired reports that the average concert promoter's salary is about £43,550 per year, a figure that falls just between the 25th percentile ($56,820) and the 50 per cent median ($83,890) of BLS statistics. Indeed published that position holders earn £52,000 a year in 2011, which is fairly consistent with BLS median salary reports.

Perks and Benefits

Since concert promotion is usually a contract position, in most cases you will have to provide your own health, dental and vision insurance, as well as create and maintain any 401k and retirement fund plans. On the positive side, you can generally expect a few industry perks such as free admission to concerts, night clubs and entertainment venues, VIP privileges at sponsored events and in some cases mingling with celebrity musicians.