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Job Description for a Community Support Worker

A community support worker treats patients who have emotional, mental or substance abuse issues. According to the Occupational Information Network, community support workers are also known as mental health and substance abuse social workers.


According to College Board, community support workers meet with clients individually or for group therapy, and interact with those who are experiencing extreme situations, such as drug problems. These workers also train people in everyday living skills.

Environment and Hours

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these social workers are found in both offices and residential facilities. Some may travel to visit clients and attend meetings. Most work 40 hours per week and accommodate their schedules to meet with clients during evenings and weekends.

Education and Training

According to College Board, community support workers can enter the field with a bachelor's degree; however, many employers require a master's degree in social work, or M.S.W.


According to the BLS, mental health and substance abuse social workers earned a national mean hourly wage of £12.90 and annual wage of £26,877 in May 2009.


According to the National Employment Matrix from the BLS, employment for mental health and substance abuse social workers is expected to increase by 7 per cent through 2018.

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