Using the “TAX+” button on a calculator allows you to calculate material taxes, such as purchasing clothes, electronics or even a restaurant tab. Using the “TAX-" button can tell you how much you can really spend on gifts, because it helps you calculate the tax on an item and, therefore, stay on budget. The tax rate button only appears on printing calculators, such as Casio and Sharp. The tax rate button is usually symbolised by “TAX+.”

Turn on the calculator by pressing the “C/CE” button two or three times. Move the sliding switch to the “Rate Set” setting.

Type in the tax rate number in percentage form, but don’t press the per cent key. When you are done entering the numbers, press the “TAX+” key.

Move the sliding switch back to the round dot. Now repeat steps one and two, but instead of pressing the “TAX+” key, press the “TAX-" key. You will now be able to calculate rate tax.

Put the calculator in print mode then press the “CA” button. Hold the “SET/%” button for two to three seconds.

Input your tax rate. Just put in the number of the tax rate, do not add a “%” at the end of the number.

Complete by pressing the “TAX+” then the “SET/%” button.