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Job Description for a Costing Clerk

A costing clerk investigates and calculates wages, operating costs, materials, overhead, and other business costs to assist in maximising a company's profit. It is a job suitable for an employee who enjoys mathematical calculations and research.


A costing clerk calculates individual costs such as labour, time costs, materials, and relationships between sales and revenue; assists with budgeting and pricing; estimates future costs and analyses success of past estimates; examines time and record sheets; and prepares reports and spreadsheets based on data obtained.


The skills required to be a costing clerk include strong computer skills, the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, and proficiency in math and mathematical technology.


The annual salary for a costing clerk is between approximately £18,200 and £30,550, as of May 2010, with the national average salary for a costing clerk at £24,050 per year. Comprehensive benefits packages are common.

Where to Work

Costing clerk jobs are often found overseas. Ability to speak multiple languages is a plus. Everything from refrigeration companies to manufacturing companies hire costing clerks to lower cost and maximise profit.

Other Possible Duties

Other duties may include answering the phone, ordering supplies, and invoicing. These extra job duties depend on the employer so it is best to be prepared to handle these duties when applying for a costing clerk job.