How to get a job on an offshore oil rig

Offshore oil rigs drill for oil buried deep under the sea floor. These rigs are located along the coasts of many countries, including Scotland and north-east England. Acquiring a job on an offshore rig can be tougher than finding an onshore oil industry job, and can take you away from family and friends for weeks at a time. Whether you have specialised skills or merely a couple of A levels, you can take certain steps to increase your chances of finding work on an offshore rig.

Take technical courses at college that would be of value on an oil rig, such as electrical or technician courses. Find universities and further education colleges that specialise in courses aimed at a career on an oil rig. Enrol in classes for basic offshore survival and firefighting. Many oil rigs require all employees to be knowledgeable or receive a certificate in a survival course.

Create your cover letter and CV, stating all qualifications, experience and skills that might be of interest to offshore employers. Even if you don't have a vocational trade, you may be able to find work in other areas of the rig, such as general labour, cleaning or catering.

Ask personal contacts to recommend your work to the operators of the rig. Employers of offshore rigs are less inclined to employ workers without strong references or some oil or gas industry experience. You may first have to work for a company that services the oil rig to gain the necessary experience and request for an offshore transfer.

Send your CV to the appropriate human resources departments. You may have to start at a lower entry-level position and move your way up through the ranks as you gain experience. Take on-the-job training to acquire your dream career on the offshore rig.

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