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Many people decide to pursue college degrees to earn higher incomes than they can with jobs that just require a high school diploma. Even with a college degree, you may still not earn over £65,000 a year. To earn six figures, you will need a job that usually requires advanced degrees and much responsibility. The more education and experience you have in your field, the more likely you are to receive £65,000 or more. There are even jobs paying that much that don't require much experience.


Pharmacy is one career path you can take to earn over £65,000 a year. Pharmacists prepare drugs for patients, give health advice to patients and physicians, and monitor health progress of patients to ensure that prescriptions work safely and effectively. To become a pharmacist, you must attend an accredited college and complete at least two years of professional study, including classes in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics before being admitted to a doctorate of pharmacy program. A doctorate of pharmacy can be completed in four years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for pharmacists in 2008 was £69,166 (See Reference 1).

Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers organise, retain, hire and motivate employees. A bachelor's degree in business or human resource management or other degree with classes in training and development, human resources, organizational benefits, and compensation is generally sufficient to begin a career in human resources (See Reference 2). However, to become a human resource manager, you may need an advanced degree such as a master or doctorate. You may also need a few years of experience in human resources. A human resource manager can make well over £65,000 yearly.

Finance Manager

Financial managers can work in almost any type of organisation because almost every organisation needs help in preparing financial reports, overseeing investments, controlling budgets, and setting long-term financial goals. Finance managers will need at least a bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, accounting, or economics. A master's degree in one of these areas is helpful. Experience is key. You can start with a finance organisation and work your way up the ladder to be a finance manager. When you enter this job, you can make as much as £65,000 a year (See Reference 3).

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