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About Jobs for Senior Citizens

It's becoming increasingly common for seniors to stay in the job market long beyond the age of 62, which was once considered to be the traditional retirement age. There are many types of jobs for senior citizens, including full and part time positions in a wide range of occupations.


There are many benefits of hiring or keeping senior workers. Their years of experience can make senior citizens valuable team members, both in terms of the quality of work they are able to provide and in their ability to serve as mentors for less expensive colleagues. Additionally, employers often value the work ethic and reliability of mature workers.


Senior citizens can perform many types of jobs. Some seniors choose to continuing working in their original careers. Others choose to pursue different occupations, often seeking jobs related to their hobbies that allow them to earn money. Many seniors even opt to start their own businesses during their retirement years.


As the baby boom population begins to retire from the workforce, employers are facing a potential hiring crisis. Because of this many companies are creating jobs designed to meet the needs of senior citizens who want to keep working, including transitioning some full time positions to part time jobs or allowing job sharing and flexitime employment options for mature workers.


Senior citizens who choose to stay in the workforce don't always decide to do so for the same reasons. Some mature workers continue working out of financial necessity, but that's not the only reason. Many senior citizens who have the means to retire choose to stay in the workforce because they don't find the idea of giving up their careers to be appealing.


The notion that senior citizens can't be valuable members of the workforce is both false and illegal. It is against federal law to discriminate against applicants and employees on the basis of age.