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Is a leaking roof covered by insurance

Many homeowners look to their home insurance company when they find that they have a leak in their roof.

Repairing a leaky roof can be an expensive undertaking, and any relief you can get from your insurance company would be a big help. However, not all roof leaks are covered by your insurance policy.

Homeowner's Insurance and Roof Coverage

Since the roof is a part of the building, homeowner's insurance would cover damage to a roof provided the damage was caused by an insured peril.

Insurance policies do not cover normal wear and tear or poor roof maintenance. Insurance policies cover leaks that result from an insured peril.

Insured Perils

After ruling out wear and tear or poor roof maintenance as a cause for the leak, the next thing you should do is take a look at your insurance policy. See if your policy is written on a named peril or an all-risk basis. A named peril policy is as the title indicates: The insurance policy will cover damage caused by the perils named on the policy. Named peril policies usually include fire, lightning, hail, extended coverages and vandalism and malicious mischief. If you're not sure what extended benefits are covered under your policy, speak with your insurance agent. If the roof leak is not caused by one of those perils, your insurance company will not respond or pay for the leaking roof.

All-Risk Insurance Policies

The opposite of a named peril policy is an all-risk policy. All-risk policies cover all types of risks except for those listed as exclusions on the policy exclusion page.

All-risk will cover odd occurrences, such as a roof leak caused by someone tossing a large heavy object onto your roof, which causes damage that results in a roof leak. Or, if during a major snowstorm, the heavy snow causes a portion of the roof to give way, causing it to leak, an all-risk policy would cover the damage and pay to repair the roof.

Leaking Roofs and Insurance Coverage

Going back to the original question as to whether or not insurance will cover a leaking roof, the answer is it that all depends on the cause of the damage that type of insurance policy covers.