A List of Accounting Skills

To be a successful accountant, you need to have mathematical and financial analysis skills. But understanding and knowing how to work with numbers is not the only ability an accountant needs to be successful. Before you set out to become a professional accountant, you need to understand what skills are essential to succeed in this field.

Situational Analysis

Accounting requires situational analysis skills such as critical thinking and delegation of responsibility, according to a study titled "Skills Necessary for a Successful Career in Accounting" written by Nas Ahadiat of the California State Polytechnic University College of Business Administration. In order to be successful, an accountant needs to be able to analyse a situation, determine a proper course of action and then be prepared to delegate responsibility if necessary. Ahadiat also noted that while situational analysis skills are important to an accountant's career, the ability to sell accounting services is not considered an important skill.

Team Player

One of the traits that is considered important for a successful accountant is the ability to function well within a team, according to the online accounting employment resource Careers in Accounting. Accountants that work well within a team can sometimes find it easier to acquire the real-life skills they will need to be successful. An inexperienced accountant can begin his career learning basic tasks such as accumulating information and doing basic accounting functions. He can rely on the other members of his firm to help him learn the tasks necessary to establishing the primary skills needed. The ability to lead a team is also considered a critical skill in the successful development of an accountant.

Industry Changes

The ability to adapt to changing laws and technology is important to the development of an accountant, according to online accountant resource Find an Accountant. Financial situations and laws around the world change on a regular basis. An accountant must possess the desire and the ability to remain educated on the changes that occur around the accounting industry. The motivation to stay up to date on tax laws is critical to remaining competent as an accountant. New advances in software and computers can benefit accountants that stay updated on technology. Remaining updated on the many changes that affect the accounting industry is a difficult, but necessary, trait for a successful accountant.

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