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List of jobs for retired people

Retirement is often considered a time to stop working and pursue other interests. For many, however, retirement does not entirely signal the end of working even if it does mean the end of a career.

Fixed incomes and rising cost of living often mean that the retired are searching and applying for jobs to bring in more pay. Fortunately, there are many jobs that are good fits for retirees.

Medical Transcription

Retired health care workers may consider medical transcription as a full- or part-time job. Knowledge of medical terminology, a strong set of typing skills and attention to detail are attributes that can help to give you the advantage when it comes to attaining work in this field. In addition, medical transcribers often work from home.

Non-Medical Home Care

Home-care jobs allow you to work in the homes of other seniors who have need of assistance or the disabled in a non-medical capacity. It is a job to consider if taking care of others gives you a sense of fulfilment or if you had a career as a caregiver.

The type of work you are expected to perform may include cleaning, preparing meals or driving the person under your care to appointments.

Community Service Jobs

Retired workers with a strong sense of community spirit have a wide variety of jobs available to them.

Community centres and churches often have part-time positions that become available for seniors with the appropriate experience. Data entry and administrative assistant are common examples of jobs available in this field for retirees.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a low-stress job for retirees who prefer the company of animals over working with the public. Pet owners hire sitters to care for their pets while they are at work or away from home or travel.

This type of work includes ensuring the pet is fed and walked, if applicable, and that any waste or mess the pet has created has been properly cleaned.

As a pet sitter, you can work for a pet sitting company or advertise and take pet sitting jobs on your own as an independent contractor.

Retail Stores

Seniors often find employment working in a retail environment such as department stores, bookstores or hardware stores. Some of the positions often available at retail stores include, but are not limited to, cashier, door greeters, inventory or customer service.