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List of Moonlighting Jobs for Unskilled People

Moonlighting typically involves working a job in the evening or at night while maintaining your steady day job. There are many positions available for unskilled workers in factories, warehouses and retail establishments that operate 24 hours a day. However, you may wish to avoid hard-labour positions that will tire you out by securing a job as a security guard or nightwatchman, a position working overnight at a hotel or motel or as a night janitor for a bank, office building or school.

Security Guard

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that security guard positions have no education requirements. Some states require licensing for certain security guard positions, especially those in which the guard carries a loaded gun or other weapon. State licensing regulations usually require that you be 18 years old and drug-free, and pass a criminal background check. Most employers train their guards upon hiring them. The amount of training you receive depends on the demands of your position and the security level of the company you work for. Some security guards work on call in case of emergencies while others work at a guard post in eight hour shifts. Many law enforcement officers get jobs moonlighting as security guards.

Hotel Desk Clerk

Hotel, motel or resort desk clerks often work late hours and deal with very few customers. Some positions allow you to rest, sleep or use your computer while sitting at the front desk during the night shift, which makes this a prime moonlighting position. No prior education or training is required for most desk clerk positions. Some lodges may require you to manage other hotel employees and complete other tasks when not busy checking guests in and out.

Building Cleaning Worker

Building cleaning workers perform their duties alone or with a small team after businesses have closed for the evening. Hospitals, retail stores, hotels, office buildings and banks hire janitors, maids and housekeepers to keep floors clean, empty trash, do light maintenance and repair jobs, clean and organise workspaces, wash walls and windows and maintain lawns and grounds. Most positions require no other skill than to follow instructions and manage time effectively. Entry-level building cleaning workers often have an opportunity to advance to supervisory positions after a couple of years on the job. Other janitorial workers start their own maintenance or cleaning businesses.