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List of free small business bookkeeping programs

Small businesses on a tight budget in need of bookkeeping programs can download free software and templates to help them keep track of their financial transactions.

Firms can easily generate reports to get an overall view of their company's finances with bookkeeping programs and templates for commonly used spreadsheet software. Programs automate compiling sales, invoices, payment and inventory data.


Ledger ( is a free program from Responsive Software that helps businesses record their financial transactions with double-entry bookkeeping. Users can print balance sheets, income statements and graphs. The software is license-free, supports multiple accounts and can be customised. Created for Windows computers, Ledger can be installed to run on a network and allows unlimited users.


StudioCloud ( is a cross-platform business management program that works on both Windows and Macintosh computers. It includes several bookkeeping features for small businesses including creating invoices, reconciling bank and credit card accounts, income tracking and recording expenses. The data from the program can be exported to QuickBooks and Quicken.

It also has scheduling, project management and client management features. You can purchase add-ons to the software for more employee and e-commerce functions.


BillPower ( is a software program for Windows computers that offers basic bookkeeping features for small businesses.

Its split screen interface integrates bookkeeping, timekeeping and billing functions. Users can generate income-expense reports, receivables reports and balance sheets. The software can also print mailing labels and form letters to send to clients.

BillPower can be run over a network so multiple users can access the program. While the software is free to use, the manufacturer encourages customers to buy a copy of the program.

OpenOffice Templates

Users of the free and open source office suite OpenOffice ( can download bookkeeping templates that have many of the features of full-fledged bookkeeping programs. Templates include double-entry ledgers, balance sheet reports, profit-loss reports, invoices, expense reports and more. Templates can be downloaded from the OpenOffice site.

Microsoft Excel Templates

Microsoft Excel users can also download templates that include bookkeeping functions. The Microsoft Office template website has dozens of ledgers, accounts receivable, credit memo, invoice, billing statement and other templates.

Some templates are generic and can be used by any businesses while others are customised for specific types of firms. The templates come in a variety of styles and colours.