Vocational skills are needed for vocational careers, or those that entail using manual or training abilities in a variety of jobs. There are many different types of vocational skills that can be learnt in a training program or on your own. Having one set of vocational skills sometimes can be applicable to a number of different careers.

Time Management

A basic vocational skill entails the understanding of time and managing it within a type of work environment. This skill will teach workers the basics of scheduling, so that they can not only manage themselves when working but also manage others in the work environment so that they move up in their careers over a period of time. There are many different facets to this vocational skill, and mastering it will allow you to work many different careers.

Computer Training

Another useful vocational skill is the basics of computer training, as computers are such an integral part of most jobs in this day and age. This entails the basics of how to turn on a computer, search the internet, use a keyboard and open and save applications. Knowing all of these skills will allow a vocational worker to work in many different businesses and skill levels. Computer skills also can be learnt throughout someone's entire career, building one skill on top of the next.

Reading and Writing

Knowing how to read and write efficiently are important vocational skills for most jobs. This applies to both manual labour jobs and technical vocational jobs, allowing you to read instructions, write e-mails and correspondence to bosses and other people you work with and know how to communicate properly with customers. Knowing basic numbers and math is also part of this vocational skill, which is important for knowing how much you are being paid, as well as working cash registers or counting supplies and materials for different jobs.