The aim of motivational meetings is to re-capture the energy and enthusiasm employees show towards their jobs. Although most employees start at a company feeling positive and happy about their new role, over time they can become complacent in their day-to-day tasks.

Motivational meetings help inspire employees, reigniting their passion for their jobs by showing how it’s their efforts that can take the company to higher levels of success. Of course, before the meeting takes place you have to actually get employees excited about the meeting, and that all starts with the name.


In most businesses the sales teams usually benefit the most from motivational meetings. When you consider the current tight economy, where consumers are being extra vigilant before parting with their cash, those poor salespeople need a good motivational kick up the butt to keep their eyes on the prize. As sales meetings are going to focus on reaching targets, you’re going to want to name your meeting along these lines. Great motivational names for sales meetings include “how to be a high flyer,” “funnel your way to the top,” and “turn targets into treats.” All of these names suggest improving performance and income, which should excite and entice your sales staff.

Long term projects

Employees that are working on long-term projects can sometimes lose sight of the final goals, especially if the project is running over several years.

If you have these sorts of projects in your business, then it is extremely important to hold regular motivational meetings to reinforce your staff that they are doing a great job and that progress is being made.

Quite often, employee motivation can plummet when they see no end in sight and don’t feel recognised for their efforts so far.

So, to spur them back into action and keep their spirits high you can use several inspiring names for your meetings. A few examples include “light at the end of the tunnel,” “the story so far,” “we’ve come a long way,” “the future’s in your hands,” and “the icing on the cake.” These names all have their uses at different stages in the project, but what they all will do is give your employees faith that their hard work is recognised.

Team building

In any business, the ability for employees to work together as a team is often crucial to achieving the overall goals of the organisation and ensuring future success.

Therefore, team building meetings are usually an integral part of any business, and ideally they should happen at least once a month to ensure everyone is still on track and working in harmony with each other.

Now, there are many motivational names you can assign to team building meetings to excite those employees. However, several names that should do the trick are “building our future together,” “several heads are better than one,” “together, we will make success,” “no employee is an island,” and an all-time favourite: “smells like team spirit.” These are all great names that emphasise the importance of teamwork.

The future

The final step on this motivational meeting journey takes us to the future; the place where we are all heading and the place where we’re all unsure of what to expect. The future is important for any employee, whether it’s the future of their role, the future of the business as a whole, or just a future business event that’s slowly approaching. Motivational meetings that focus on the future give employees something to look forward to and something to work towards. Therefore, you need to name your meetings with this in mind.

A few great meeting names to get you started include “taking the next steps,” “the building blocks of success,” “towards a better business,” “tomorrow starts today,” and “bright business, even brighter future.” These all emphasise the importance of thinking and working towards the future now. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start inspiring those employees!