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How to Live in a Warehouse

When a warehouse goes out of business, it is often closed down and demolished.

However, in some cases, realtors buy the property and convert it into loft space.The large amount of ground space in these lofts is ideal for people who prefer open layouts. Take the time to familiarise yourself with your options, and you should be able to find an appropriate loft near you.

Research warehouse lofts in your city. Locate warehouses that have been converted into loft-space and are available for rent or purchase. Websites such as, and have information about warehouse lofts.

Ask for a tour of the property. Like any property, converted warehouses should be available for tours. Send an e-mail or call the company that owns the property, and ask if there is an appropriate time to visit.

Visit a realtor that specialises in condo or loft properties. Explain your desire to live in a warehouse and ask to see the properties available. Realtors may have access to warehouse properties you can not find on your own, and may be able to get a better price for you than the one listed.

Sign your contract and move into your new warehouse apartment once you have purchased one. Call the utility companies and set up water and electricity service. Ask your landlord about the options available to you, as some companies may not service warehouse lofts.

Paint and decorate your apartment to your taste after moving in.