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How to make a cash offer on a house

Cash offers for purchasing homes may increase the chances of having the offer accepted.

Many homeowners prefer or need a quick sale, and the opportunity to sell to a buyer who can bypass the uncertainties of the loan process sways many sellers. Closing can be completed more quickly, and the seller's confidence in the buyer increases.

Determine your cash limit for purchasing a house. Include in your calculation any closing costs, such as lawyer fees, taxes and document recording fees.

Search for a house that fits your budgeted amount for the purchase. You may work through a real estate agent or search on your own through the Internet or real estate publications.

Carry a blank real estate form for the cash offer with you while looking. The deal can be closed as quickly as the deed and closing statements can be prepared with a cash-only sale. Sellers in financial distress may find the offer more appealing if the contract can be completed immediately. The ability to close quickly is particuarly attractive in foreclosure sales, according to a 2009 article in the San Francisco Chronicle titled "Cash is king in market for foreclosed homes."

Work with a real estate agent when a home of interest is listed with a real estate service. All offers, including cash offers, must be executed by a real estate agent when the home is listed with a real estate company. Your real estate agent can complete the purchase agreement. Purchase agreement forms can be provided by a real estate agent or obtained online at a number of websites.

Make your offer. Be prepared to write a check for the earnest money deposit. Your earnest money deposit shows the owner you are serious about the offer and are willing to work quickly to complete the sale. Providing documentation of money availability may be helpful.


Have all documents notarised if you are not using a real estate agent. You and the seller can go to a notary for the final signatures after you have negotiated the price. You may want a real estate lawyer to review your contract before you sign it.

Things Needed

  • Real estate purchase agreement
  • Documentation of money availability