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What Is the Monthly Salary of a Pizza Delivery Boy?

Pizza delivery workers are often taken for granted until you're in a pinch for dinner. Then you expect them at your house as quickly as possible after you've placed your order.

These workers often rely upon your tips to feed their own bills and families. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 205,330 individuals in the U.S. worked as non-restaurant food servers in 2010. The monthly salary of these workers can vary greatly and depends upon employer wages and cash tips earned.

Average Salary

The average salary of non-restaurant food servers, including pizza delivery boys was £14,066 per year, or about £1,171 per month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Simply Hired provides a more precise number that does not include other non-pizza delivery workers. According to Simply Hired, the average annual salary for pizza delivery workers was £12,350 per year or about £1,028 per month, at the time of publication.


A portion of what a pizza delivery person makes comes from tip money.

As with other food services jobs, a 15 per cent tip is typically considered normal, according to This number can be adjusted up or down for good or for bad service. also notes that 10 per cent should be the minimum amount tipped for any order exceeding £32. Inclement weather and long-distance delivery can also be accounted for with a little additional tip money. The amount earned in tips will depend upon the amount of business of the pizza place, generosity of the customers, speed of delivery and even the service provided by the delivery person.


Location also provides an indicator of what pizza delivery boys can expect to make.

According to the BLS, the highest average salary was made by those working in New York who made an average annual salary of £18,986 per year, or about £1,582 per month. Salaries in Nevada, Hawaii, the District of Columbia and Connecticut were also among the highest in the nation. Those working in Nevada earned an average of £15,970 per year, while those working in Hawaii earned £16,965. In the District of Columbia and Connecticut average delivery drivers earned £16,854 and £17,296, respectively.

Job Outlook and Benefits

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that an increase of 761,000 jobs for food and beverage servers will occur from 2008 to 2018, which will be one of the largest totals in terms of new jobs in any field. Becoming a delivery driver can have its perks.

Some companies provide mileage reimbursement and other benefits to their delivery drivers, in addition to hourly pay and tips earned. Some delivery drivers can work part-time and have flexible work schedules and, at the end of the day, take home any leftover pizza that may not have got delivered, for one reason or another.