How To Move to Canada From England

Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants each year to meet its economic needs and offset its ageing population. In 2009, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reported accepting 500,000 permanent and temporary residents. Most of these newcomers were economic migrants (see Reference 3). There are a variety of ways you can immigrate to Canada. If you want to move to Canada from England, you have to determine which program is best for you and your family.

Decide what program works best for you. You can apply under the skilled workers program if you have a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer or if your profession is on the list of CIC's eligible occupations (see Resources). If you want to start a business in Canada, you may apply under the business immigration program (see Reference 1). You may also qualify under the Canadian experience class if you have Canadian work experience (see Reference 1). If you have the skills needed by a province or territory, you can apply under the provincial nominee program (see Resources). A family member who is already a permanent resident of Canada can also sponsor you (see Reference 2 under sponsoring family). If you want to move to Quebec, visit the province's immigration website because it has a separate skilled workers program (see Reference 2).

Get the appropriate application package. Download the forms from the CIC website and prepare the payment for the application fees indicated in the application package (see Reference 2 under each category and then under how to apply).

Submit your application. Mail your application and check to the Canada High Commission in the United Kingdom (see Reference 5).

Canadian High Commission Immigration Section 38 Grosvenor Street London W1K 4AA, United Kingdom

If you are applying as a skilled worker, mail it to the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Citizenship & Immigration Canada Federal Skilled Worker Centralized Intake Office PO BOX 7500 Sydney, NS B1P 0A9 Canada

Submit your passport. If your application is approved, the Canada High Commission in the United Kingdom will ask for your passport so you can receive your permanent resident visa (see Reference 4).


Canada issues work permits to qualified citizens of England aged 18-30 under the Working Holiday Program. The Canadian experience gained from this may help the individual in her Canadian immigration plans (see Resources). Citizens of England are exempted from having to have a temporary resident visa when visiting Canada. This may be an opportunity for citizens of England to first visit Canada and assess or look for opportunities before applying to move to the country (see Resources on British passport holders).


There may be websites that claim to be the official Canadian government sites or affiliated with the government. CIC also warns that there may be people offering special immigration deals or high-paying jobs to trick you into paying them or to steal your identity. CIC reminds applicants to be sure they are on the correct CIC website (see Resources).

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Things Needed

  • Passport
  • Application fees

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