How Much Do Beauticians Get Paid Per Day?

The beauty services industry has always been successful, even as trends change in what is considered beautiful. Beauticians provide many services to clients, including haircutting, colouring and styling of hair, make-up advice and design through cosmetology, and a variety of skin care treatments. Beauticians can find work in virtually any city or town, and have multiple choices when it comes to types of employer. Wages can differ greatly from situation to situation.

Hair Specialists and Cosmetologists

Beauticians can focus on hair and cosmetology, performing services from scalp treatment and hair dyeing to putting on make-up for a prom dance. As of 2009, there were over 349,000 beauticians in this area of expertise, earning an average salary of £8.40 an hour, including tips and commission, according to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A beautician working full-time would therefore earn £67 a day, while a part-time beautician working four hours a day would earn £33. Those in the lowest paying situations, the bottom 10th percentile, made up to £4.90 an hour or £39 for an eight-hour work day, but a highly experienced hair and cosmetology expert may have earned wages in the top 10th percentile, at more than £13.50 per hour or £108 for an eight-hour work day. Most fell into the middle 50 per cent of earners, and made between £5.70 and £9.80 hourly, or £45 to £78 for a full-time day. The number of jobs in this field are expected to increase at a much faster than average rate over the next several years.

Other Factors For Hair and Cosmetology Specialists

These beauticians saw a very wide range of average salaries across different parts of the country. For example, in Ohio, the average hourly wage in 2009 was only £7.60, or £61 for an eight-hour day, significantly below the national figure. However, states such as Washington, Delaware, and Hawaii reported hourly wages between £10 and £12.30, or between £81 and £98 for an eight-hour day. Washington D.C. was the highest-paying region, averaging £13.50 per hour, or £108 for an eight-hour day. Although most hair and cosmetology experts work for personal care businesses for an average of £8.50 an hour, or £68 for an eight-hour day, those that work in the motion picture industry earned a whopping £18.70 hourly, or £150 for an eight-hour day.

Skin Care Specialists

Some beauticians, around 28,210 of them in 2009, specialise in skin care, providing treatments to the face and body of a client. According to the report, they made £10 an hour on average or £79 for an eight-hour day, although wages were under £5.10 an hour in the bottom 10th percentile and higher than £16 an hour in the top 10th percentile. Most hourly wages fell between £6.30 and £12.60, representing the middle 50 per cent of earners. In the case of a standard eight hour day, that translates to £50 to £100 daily.

Other Factors for Skin Care Specialists

In Nevada in 2009, skin care specialists only averaged £7.70 an hour, or £62 for an eight-hour day, far below the national average. States like Maine and Kansas reported hourly wages between £11 and £11.60, but Washington was the highest-paying state in the country, with an average of £12 an hour, or £96 for an eight-hour day. Personal beauty care salons were the most common place of work for skin care specialists, averaging £9.60 an hour, but those working for general hospitals made more, at £12.40 an hour on average according to the bureau, or about £99 a day. Unreported tips may influence wage numbers.

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