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How Much Does a Cardiologist Get Paid?

A profession in cardiology demands dedication as it takes time and effort to become a cardiologist.

Aspiring cardiologists need to earn a four year undergraduate degree, followed by four or more years of medical school.

Students then must complete three years in an internal medicine internship and residency. At this point, students start to make some money, but often are deep in debt from school.

Finally, students must obtain three years of subspecialty training in cardiology. Once this is all done, it will add up to around 15 years of school after high school, and the professional career as a cardiologist truly begins.

Hourly Pay

A cardiologist's hourly pay varies by speciality, job title and experience. According to the Health Care Salary Online website, the lower 10 per cent of cardiologists earn £45.50 per hour or less, while the upper 10 per cent can earn up to £130.00 or more per hour. The median hourly salary for cardiologists is £68.6 per hour.

Annual Salary

According to the Health Care Salary Online website, the lowest 10 per cent of cardiologists earn an annual salary of less than £97,500 per year, while the upper 10 per cent can earn upwards of £195,000 or more per year. The average salary for a cardiologist is around £142,850.

According to the Brain Gain Mag website, successful cardiologists specialising in non-invasive cardiology earn £260,000 a year. Invasive non-interventional cardiologists earn £295,100 per year, and interventional cardiologists earn as much as £354,250 per year or more, due to the fact that it is one of the most complicated specialities in the field.


The amount cardiologists get paid varies by location. For example, those working in rural areas have lower pay levels than those working in major metropolitan areas.

According to the Health Care Salary Online website, the top five states with the best pay for cardiologists are Minnesota with a £133,900 average salary, South Dakota with a £132,600 average salary, Indiana,$203,000, New Hampshire, £130,650 and Nevada, £130,000. The top five best metropolitan areas to earn a salary in cardiology are San Jose, California, with a £139,686 average salary; Chicago, Illinois, with a £126,682 average salary, Seattle, Washington, £129,271, Washington DC, £124,625 and Tampa, Florida, £113,099.


There are a number of variables that must be considered in order to determine the amount a cardiologist gets paid.

Years of experience are a key variable influencing a cardiologist's salary. Other key factors include level of specialisation, choice of practice and geographic location. The place of work also plays a role in determining salary. Most cardiologists are employed by hospitals or clinics, while a smaller percentage are employed by federal services, universities or military health care systems. All of these factors impact a cardiologist's salary.