How much does a dental receptionist earn?

A dental receptionist staffs the front desk of the dental office, and earns an average annual salary of about £20,150, according to Simply Hired data in September 2010. The salary depends on education, experience and the type of dental office.


Dental receptionists earn an average hourly wage of £8.90 per hour. The hourly rate ranges from £7.50 to £10.80 according to PayScale as of September 2010. In addition to an hourly wage, some dental offices offer overtime as well as profit sharing and bonuses. The average annual salary ranges from £15,600 to £22,750, reports PayScale.

Salary by Education and Experience

The position requires at least a high school education. Individuals with more experience and education earn salaries at the higher end of the pay scale between £8.40 and £11.0 per hour, says PayScale. As dental receptionists gain more education, they can advance to higher paying positions such as office managers and administrators, says the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Types of Dental Offices

Dental receptionists have the option of working in several types of dental offices. A family dentistry or orthodontics office pays between £7.70 and £10.70 per hour, reports PayScale in 2010. A dental prosthetics office receptionist will make a little bit more at £7.80 to £10.90, says PayScale. A receptionist working in a paediatric dental office will make a little less at £7.40 to £10.2 per hour, according to PayScale data in 2010.

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