Nightclub bouncers are responsible for a number of tasks that help keep patrons and co-workers safe and protected in a club atmosphere.

This may include checking identification, prohibiting service from intoxicated customers, breaking up fights and ejecting unruly patrons. If you enjoy working in a social environment and can handle the physical demands of a security occupation, you may be able to earn a decent amount of money as a club bouncer.

General Statistics

Bouncer occupations are included in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) classifications of protection service workers. According to BLS reports, in 2010 security agents -- bouncers included -- were earning between £12,100 and £34,900 per year. The lowest earning 25 per cent made up to £14,300 and the highest 10 per cent earned no less than £26,000. The average annual median salary for protective service workers was £19,100 at the time of publication.

Hourly Rate Of Pay

Nightclub bouncers are typically paid an hourly rate of pay. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, protective service workers in 2010 were earning anywhere from £5.50 -- barely over minimum wage -- to £16.70 per hour. Only 10 per cent of position holders earned the maximum hourly rate of pay and 10 per cent earned the minimum. The overall average median salary per hour for protective service workers that year ranged from £6.80 to £12.60, with most earning about £9.10 per hour.

Nightclub Security

More position specific information is offered by the CB Salary career and occupation website.

According to the resource, in 2011 nightclub security personnel -- specifically bouncers -- in the United States can earn anywhere from £17,600 to £29,300 per year. These figures indicate that the lowest paid 25 per cent of bouncers make about £17,600, the highest paid 25 per cent up to £29,300 and an average median salary of about £22,700 annually.

Regional Variances

How much you can expect to earn as a club bouncer will rely considerably upon where you live and choose to work. Generally, major metropolitan areas with active nightlife districts, or tourist and vacation destinations offer the most lucrative job opportunities for nightclub security personnel. According to CB Salary, some of the highest paying areas for club bouncers include Las Vegas, paying up to £30,200; New York, where you may earn up to £29,700; and New Haven, Connecticut, where bouncers can make up to £35,900 per year.


As a nightclub bouncer -- depending on the establishment -- you may expect to receive periodical cash tips from patrons and service staff.

Many bouncers of upscale, trendy hot spots receive tips from patrons for protecting them from potential danger, directing them to their tables or seats or allowing them VIP privileges. In some nightclubs, bouncers are required to assist servers and bartenders with stocking beer, tapping kegs or safely delivering cash deposits to management or escorting them to their cars at closing time. In these instances servers and bartenders usually pool a small percentage of their tips to reward security staff members.