How much do electricians get paid?

Electronic equipment like computers, networking equipment and entertainment equipment are prevalent in businesses and households. Electricians are workers that install and repair wiring and power systems. Electricians are needed both in building construction and to maintain electric systems in existing buildings. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most electricians acquire their skills by completing an apprenticeship program that usually lasts four years.

Annual Pay

The annual pay of electricians varies from one worker to another based on a variety of factors, such as work experience, field, and location. According to the BLS, the median pay for electricians in May 2009 was £30,667, while the mean, or average, income was £33,052. The difference between median and mean is that the median is the amount earned by the worker at the midpoint of all earners while the mean is an average calculated from total income.

Hourly Income

Hourly income can be an easy way to compare one vocation to another without taking extenuating factors, like total hours worked, into consideration. According to the BLS, the median hourly wage of electricians was £14.70 in May 2009. BLS statistics also show that there is significant variation in earnings; the bottom 10 per cent of electricians made £8.90 or less an hour while the top 10 per cent earned £25.0 or more an hour.


Electricians work in a variety of different industries. According to the BLS, over 400,000 electricians worked in the industry of "Building Equipment Contractors" and earned an average annual income of £32,838 in 2009. Electricians working for local governments earned £35,373 a year while those working in nonresidential building construction earned £31,876, according to BLS data. The BLS lists "Motion Picture and Video Industries" as the most lucrative field for electricians; workers in this field made £49,107 on average in 2009.

Income by Region

Certain states and cities offer greater income potential for electricians than others. According to the BLS, the top five states for electrician income in 2009 were Alaska, Illinois, New York, Hawaii and New Jersey. Workers in these states earned over £41,600 a year on average. Large cities with high cost of living will typically offer higher income potential. For instance, BLS data shows that electricians in San Francisco earned more on average than electricians in any other city.

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