The average salary of an endodontist

Endodontists specialise in dental work on the inside of the tooth. Damaged tooth pulp, blood vessels, and nerve tissue all require the expertise that endodontists bring to their job. Becoming an expert in this specialised area requires significant training that goes beyond that of a traditional dentist. Accordingly, average compensation packages for these professionals are impressive.

National averages

PayScale reports compensation levels of 49 endodontists as of November 2010. Combining these results, a national average salary range from £80,096 to £142,243 is calculated. These figures include bonus pay, which varies from £1,883 to £16,875 for the job.


Starting salaries for endodontists may not always fall within the spectrum of national averages. PayScale's data shows that individuals with one to four years of experience have average salaries spanning from £75,484 to £129,543. After 10 years in the field, however, the top of this range grows to £235,625.


PayScale's data shows that endodontists working for independent companies have the highest pay, with a top average salary above £159,250. Those working in a private practice, however, fall not far behind with top salaries at £157,625. Self-employed professionals reach a similar top average at just over £157,300.


The nature of endodontists' jobs make it likely that they receive medical benefits from employers, although these benefits are not reflected in the salary totals above. PayScale finds that 72 per cent of surveyed endodontists receive medical coverage from their work. Furthermore, 57 per cent receive dental care and 43 per cent get vision coverage.

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