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How much do paramedics earn?

Paramedics, or emergency medical technicians (EMTs), respond to medical emergencies by treating the injured or those with life-threatening conditions at the scene of accidents, heart attacks, gunshots, falls and childbirth. They work long, irregular hours in any kind of weather. The earnings of the highest-paid EMT can be more than double that of the lowest-paid one.


Paramedics earn a median hourly wage of £9.30, which translates to a yearly salary of £19,500. The lowest 10 per cent make £6.0 or £12,584 while the highest 10 per cent receive £16.0 or £33,449. These figures are as of May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The industry of employment decides pay. The top five for paramedics are mining support, with salaries of £17.3 or £35,997; waste treatment and disposal,with salaries of £16.10 or £33,546; state government, with salaries of £15.4 or £32,214; iron and steel mills, with salaries of £13.6 or £28,294; and medical and diagnostic laboratories with salaries of £13.1 or £27,306.


The state where the job is located can determine pay. This job's highest-paying states are Hawaii with pay of £14.80 or £30,797; Alaska with pay of £14.50 or £30,309; Oregon with pay of £13.50 or £28,093; Washington with pay of £13.0 or £27,189; and Maryland with pay of £12.80 or £26,747.


The city of employment can control salaries. The highest-paying for this job are Tacoma, Washington, in which pay runs £22.3 or £46,507; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, in which pay runs £21.10 or £43,888; Olympia, Washington, in which pay runs £16.50 or £34,508; Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in which pay runs £15.50 or £32,428; and Racine, Wisconsin, in which pay runs £15.50 or £32,337.

Employment Levels

The areas with the most employment do not have the highest pay. For example, the industries with the greatest employment levels are ambulatory health care services, in which pay runs £9.40 or £19,571; and local government in which pay runs £11.40 or £23,907. The states with the greatest employment concentration are Missouri, in which compensation is £10.2 or £21,209; and West Virginia, in which compensation is £7.40 or £15,509. Finally, the cities with the greatest concentration of paramedics are Johnstown, Pennsylvania, with compensation at £6.70 or £13,949; and Ocean City, New Jersey, with compensation at £9.70 or £20,325.