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How much does a pediatric nurse earn yearly?

A paediatric nurse assists a paediatrician in the care of babies, children and adolescents.

He performs routine medical procedures such as taking blood samples and catheterisation, and monitors a patient's care after surgery or treatment.

He will also be involved in consultation and psychological support with patients' families. A paediatric nurse's salary can depend upon a number of factors.

Average Pay

According to the salary comparison website, the annual average salary for a paediatric nurse working in the United States as of December 2010 is £26,150 to £40,803. This is dependent upon the specific package of bonuses and profit sharing an individual attains.

Pay by Location also found that the state in which a paediatric nurse is employed can impact upon the salary level.

Of the cities analysed, California offered the widest range of potential salary, from £23,806 to £61,316. Florida, by contrast had an average salary of £20,177 to £37,375.

Pay by Employer

The two most frequent employer types for paediatric nurses are hospitals and the private practices of paediatric physicians or surgeons. found the former to offer average annual salaries of between £25,415 and £38,123, while private practices had a broader range, stretching from £15,328 to £49,596.

Pay by Experience found that for paediatric nurses with less than a year's experience in the field, the average pay level was £25,357 to £33,064.

The peak earning potential in terms of basic salary was achieved by those with between 5 and 9 years of experience, at a salary range of £19,500 and £44,053. The rate for those with more experience peaked at £40,655 annually, but these individuals are likely to have accrued a greater level of supplementary provision, such as pensions.