How much do radiologists make per year?

A radiologist diagnoses and treats afflictions of the internal organs with X-rays and other radioactive substances. She works with a radiologic technician to produce images in order to make diagnoses and then uses X-ray technologies and radioisotopes to treat the affliction as required. Her salary expectation depends upon a number of factors.

Average Pay, in December 2010, placed the yearly salary of a radiologist working in the United States between £29,389 and £130,306. This includes basic pay along with bonuses, profit-sharing and commission.

Pay by Experience lists a broad range of average salary for a newly qualified radiologist with less than a year of experience. He may attain a salary between £31,278 and £113,750. For a practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, the figures are £79,354 and £194,441. However, such experienced radiologists are likely to have superior benefits such as pension provision and bonuses.

Pay by Location

The location in which a radiologist pursues her profession will also impact upon her income level. In December 2010, a survey of radiologist's salaries in cities across America by saw Atlanta and Chicago offering the greatest range of average income -- £27,950 to £227,500 in Atlanta and £26,451 to £223,549 in Chicago.

Pay by Employer Type

The nature of a radiologist's employer will impact upon his salary expectations. For instance, lists private practice as offering the highest potential rewards, with average salary peaking at £225,244, while government and federal positions offer the lowest rates, at between £22,354 and £76,048.

Pay by Gender

It is a rather sobering fact of the survey of radiologist's salary that it shows such a disparity between the average salary for a male practitioner and that for a female. The former is listed as earning an average of £38,724 to £164,336, while the latter is placed at between £26,599 and £99,193.

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