How to obtain blueprints of my home

When you plan to remodel a part of your home or make changes to your water or heating-and-cooling system, the original blueprints to the property can be helpful in determining how the house was constructed. With the blueprints, you can analyse the areas that you want to remodel and make more accurate plans. You can obtain the blueprints of your home with some basic information about your property and some determination.

Visit your local building-inspection office. Anytime construction is done on a home, a permit must be issued. Provide a representative with your physical address and plot number and ask for the records associated with the property. Blueprints are often included with these files.

Contact the original builder of your home and ask for the blueprints. If the builder no longer has the blueprints, ask for the names and contact information of the designer, architect and engineer of your property and call those people; they may still have the plans.

Find a neighbour with a home similar to yours. Often, similar homes in a neighbourhood are constructed, designed and engineered by the same people. If you find a home that is built the same as yours, ask the owner of that property for the blueprint to his home. This blueprint may be the same.

Call the real-estate agent you used to purchase the home. Your agent may have insight into the construction of homes in your neighbourhood or even your specific home. Ask if she has a copy of the blueprints for your home or if she knows where you might find them.

Have new blueprints drafted. Depending on the size of your renovation project, you might find it worthwhile to hire a designer to analyse the construction of your home and draft new blueprints.

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Things Needed

  • Real estate plot number
  • Name and contact information of builder
  • Name and contact information of your real-estate agent

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