How to obtain my house blueprints

Blueprints contain visual details on the layout and design of a building before its construction. They can be useful to you even after your house has been built if you're interested in renovation or remodelling. You can use several methods to obtain a home's blueprints based on how long ago the house was built and the type of resources available to you. It can be a time-consuming process that requires some research, but the original blueprints to your house are obtainable.

Contact the Realtor you worked with when purchasing your home. The firm may still have information on where to find the blueprints in your area, especially if your house was constructed fewer than 50 years ago.

Consult a local building inspector if your house was constructed in the last 20 years. Builders are required to file a building permit before construction on a new house can begin, and they often include floor plans and elevation drawings when they file the permit.

Find out if your city keeps records of residential maps, building plans and photographs. A city historian can tell you where to find such archives.

Research previous owners of your home by searching public records. These former residents may still possess the original blueprints or at least know where to find them.

Inquire about the architect who designed your house, as most keep blueprints of their projects. If you live in a neighbourhood with houses that appear similar in design, it is very likely that they were built by the same contractor. Your neighbours may have the resources to help you obtain the information you need.

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