How to Find Out If a Person Has Property in Their Name

Sometimes it is necessary to find out who owns a certain piece of property. Finding out property ownership takes a little time and research, but it is not difficult to discover. A person's name on the title or deed of a property shows ownership. Researching the title history of a property is all it takes to find out this information.

Search tax records. Visit the county tax assessor's office or search on the county's website for property tax statements. Find out if a person owns property by using his first and last name.

Conduct a search on the Internet to find online public records, including property ownership. Search state and local municipality tax records using the individual's name. Find a property tax record database that allows a search to be completed by name and Postcode for easier use.

Visit the courthouse in the county where the individual lives. Ask for the Register of Deeds Office or the County Recorder's Office. Submit a property information request by using the person's first and last name.


If searching online, make sure you are not dealing with a fraudulent website seeking personal information. Many of these sites make money from the advertisements and do not spend the time to update databases.

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