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The best paid jobs people won't do

Well-paid jobs typically attract a wide range of applicants and are easily filled.

In a poor economy, jobs that pay an average salary and include minimal benefits are still considered quality jobs. Issues that affect people taking higher-paying jobs include regional immigration, demand and supply of the labour market and future stability of income.

Engineering and Computer Programmers

In the United Kingdom, companies struggle to hire enough engineers and computer programmers, not necessarily because people do not want to do the job, but because there is simply not enough trained labour in the labour market to fill these positions.

The demand for these high-paying jobs is increasing more rapidly than universities can produce educated graduates. Nor is there an easy fix for this problem. Engineering and computer programming are technical fields that take years for individuals to study and practice.

Manual Labour

"People don't want to do the jobs immigrants are doing." This is a common myth in the labour market. Immigrants receive significantly lower wages, virtually no benefits and if they are illegal, they have no rights or government body to protect them from mistreatment or abuse. In low immigrant and illegal immigrant populations, positions in janitorial, fast-food, grounds keeping, maintenance, construction and cleaning fields pay a liveable wage.

A void of cheaper immigrant labour has forced employers in these populations to provide benefits and pay a higher salary to keep these positions filled. Although pay in these fields in these positions is not lucrative, it is sustainable.


Positions in transportation, ranging from taxicab drivers, trucking, chauffeurs, waste removal and delivery personnel are typically overlooked by the average job-seeker, but tend to offer a living wage or higher. Positions in trucking are often overlooked because you're on the road many days or months at a time. Taxi drivers often are filled by immigrants, again pushing out British workers. Some driving positions force the employee to pay out-of-pocket for gasoline and vehicle repairs, providing additional reasons that these are jobs that potential employees do not pursue.

Commission-based Positions

Job-seekers often look for positions with stability, in addition to a high income.

Sales positions are often dismissed because income is based on commissions made during the year, which of course leads to uncertainty. Employees successful in sales environments, such as used and new cars, electronics, medical equipment, insurance and stocks, can often ramp up very high commissions, much more than a base salary can offer. If potential employees are willing to bet on themselves and are highly motivated, these are positions they should consider.