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The best paying truck driving job

No matter how dire an economy, truck driving jobs remain in demand as 80 per cent of our nation's goods travel over the road. Truckers must possess a CDL, or commercial driving licence, in order to secure a position, but if hired they can expect to earn about £26,000 the first year with a 50 per cent increase in pay within the second or third years.

Of course, not every truck driving job pays the same which means that CDL holders should explore several options to obtain the highest pay including the following:

Over The Road Drivers

Long-haul truckers--also known as Over The Road Drivers--receive the highest pay for their work, but they also work the longest hours. Expect to be away from home for several nights each week, perhaps being on the road for more than a week at a time. You may be expected to unload your deliveries, too.

As far as hourly pay, your rate may be lower than what a local driver makes. Compare the actual time you work to determine your hourly rate.

Delivery Service Drivers

You may be able to obtain the highest pay in the industry if you work for a delivery service company such as UPS or FEDEX. According to a report in "USA Today" about UPS, "Thirty months into the job, the company's U.S. drivers earn top union scale wages--up to £45,500 or more a year."

Keep in mind that in addition to driving the truck, you have substantial custom service responsibilities which include dropping off packages, obtaining signatures and the like. Expect to do significant amounts of lifting, carrying and walking throughout your workday.

Unionised Drivers

Most truck drivers belong to a union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). The best-paying truck driver jobs might be the ones where the workforce is unionised, commanding top wages and overtime pay.

When comparing pay scales, whether unionised or not, add benefits which should include health, dental, life, vacation pay and sick pay. Also keep in mind that you will pay union dues which will come out of your paycheck.


When looking for the best-paying truck driving job, consider both your hours worked and cost of benefits to determine the best opportunities. You may find that a job which allows you to be home more often though paying less to be more suitable to your needs. Weigh your options to find the job that is right for you.