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How to find a person by address

With the help of online directories and other sources of public records, it is easy to find someone using only an address.

Do a reverse address search using an online directory such as, which enables you to find a person's name and contact information by searching by address (See Resource 1).

Try pay-for-search websites, which allow you to search for a person by name, phone number or address. For a small fee, they might provide more background information about the person, such as previous addresses and names of family members.

Search online directories of public information. Public records such as property tax records, business license records, and land and deed records are often available online. Many county assessors' websites have free searchable databases. Larger directories allow users to search by state or category; some websites that offer public records searches charge for information, but others are free (See Resource 2).

Visit your local city hall to obtain property records, which are public information. If you know the address of the person you are trying to find, property records will show who owns the property at that address.