How to price lawn cutting

If you are starting a landscaping business or thinking about hiring someone to cut your lawn on a regular basis, you should be aware of the going rate for lawn care services. Most landscapers charge a flat rate for lawn mowing rather than an hourly or daily rate, because most homeowners want to know exactly how much the service will cost so they can budget for it.

Analyse the size of the property. The going rate for an average-sized half-acre lawn in most midsized towns is a flat rate of £13 to £26, according to the Lawn Advisor website. Once you set a base half-acre rate, you can multiply it by the total lawn size to reach your base rate for a particular project.

Analyse any unusual or difficult obstacles in the lawn that may case the lawn-cutting job to become more time-consuming. If the lawn includes steep ditches or grass that hasn't been kept up for months, you should feel comfortable increasing your base price for the project by at least one-half, depending upon the lawn conditions.

Offer contract incentives. Once you have set a one-time base price for a lawn mowing job, offer your client a discount for entering into a longer-term contact. For example, if your base price for a lawn is £19 per mowing, you can offer to reduce it by £3 per cut if your client purchases two months of lawn mowing services (eight weekly cuts) upfront. This kind of deal makes your clients happy because they think they are getting a deal, and it provides you with income that you might not have seen from mowing lawns on a one-time basis.

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