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Salary for a private jet pilot

Private jet pilots, technically, do not earn a salary.

Though they may be employed by a private company, a jet pilot needs a commercial aircraft license to earn a wage. Whether working for a major airline or a regional air taxi company, jet pilots earn their wages safely delivering passengers and cargo from one location to another.

Average salary

The salary of jet pilot was £40 000 to £70 000, according to a 2012 study carried out by the Private Fly website. The job careers site To Be A Pilot gives examples of wages earned by pilots working for specific companies.

Net Jets, which operates a fleet of executive jets pay a captain £60,000 to £95,000 basic pay. A first officer can expect to earn £35,000 to £60,000 basic pay with that company.

Compared to all pilots

Pilots of passenger airlines earn a similar salary to those of private jets. However, some prestigious airlines pay a lot more than others.

For example, FlyBE pays its captains £40,000 to £70,000, senior first officers get £30,000 to £40,000 and first officers get £22,000 to £30,000. British Airways pays its captains £60,000 to £150,000 and first officers can earn anything between £45,000 to £120,000 with BA.


Pilots are ultimately responsible for the plane they are flying.

Therefore, a pilot needs to inspect the engine and instruments prior to flight to ensure that everything is operating properly. The pilot needs to create a flight plan according to government, as well as employer, criteria. Flight plans need to take into consideration weather patterns, temperature, wind speed and even the weight of the cargo or passengers. During the flight, the pilot must constantly monitor fuel usage, engine operation and the functionality of other aircraft systems.

Employment outlook

While much of the growth will occur from major airlines expanding their flight offerings, the be aware that landing a pilot's job at an airline is usually competitive because many more applications are received than jobs available.

Pilot jobs for business, corporate and on-demand flight taxi companies will be easier to land. The National Careers Service projects that the number of pilot jobs in the UK will increase from 1,930,000 pilot jobs in 2013 to 2,210,000 in 2020.