How to find property owners for free

There are many reasons why a person would need the name of a property owner. A tenant may file a claim for a security deposit; a neighbour may want to discuss a tenant, a neighbourhood matter or a hazardous condition. A descendant of the original owners might want a history of the home for his genealogical research. Maybe you are interested in purchasing the property. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to find a property owner.

Look up the address of the city or district council, usually listed under the county in the phone book. Call the office to verify the hours for public access. Also ask about the policy regarding viewing the electoral roll.

Go to the appropriate office. Give the clerk the address and request the name of the property owner. Many offices will direct you to their computer or microfiche system. Look up the address.

Request the mailing address of the owner. There is no charge for consulting the electoral roll in person.


Dress professionally and act in a polite and professional manner. Carry identification. Ask for help if you are unfamiliar with microfiche.


Online locator services are not free.

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Things Needed

  • Property address
  • Local telephone book or Internet access

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