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How to put someone on a property title deed

A property title deed is a legal document that serves as a person's proof of property ownership. Regardless of what type of change is being made to the ownership, it should be noted on the property title deed. Putting someone's name on a property title deed is one common change that should be recorded.

Obtain the legal name of the person you want to put on the property title deed. Make very sure that it is printed and spelt correctly. Always refer to the name on the person's birth certificate or Social Security card for accuracy.

Write down the address and legal description of your property. If you cannot remember the legal description, contact your county appraisal district for details.

Contact a title company of your choice in your area. An in-house attorney will take care of it. It should only take a couple of hours or less than a day to record the new property title deed. Per recording, the fees are ranging from £97 to £162 as of 2011.

Request two copies of the new property title deed from the title company. One copy is for your record keeping. The other copy is for your mortgage company if you are financing your home with a loan.

Submit a copy of the new property title deed to your mortgage company as needed.


  • If you want peace of mind, hire a real estate attorney for assistance.


  • The other person who is on the property title deed will also be liable for the loan.