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How to remove a name from a joint mortgage

Homes are expensive, and most home buyers apply for a mortgage with a co-debtor. This can be a spouse or family member. While having two people apply for a mortgage loan improves the approval odds, situations can arise in which one person wants her name removed from a joint mortgage. Unfortunately, removing a name from a joint mortgage is easier said than done. However, there is a way to get around this problem.

Maintain a high FICO score and steady employment. To remove a name from a joint mortgage, the person who remains on the mortgage loan must be in a position to pay the monthly payment on his own. He'll need a decent credit score, reliable employment and sufficient income.

Refinance the mortgage loan. Unfortunately, removing a name from a mortgage loan isn't as simple as calling the mortgage company and making a request. To achieve this, you'll have to refinance the home loan. The person who chooses to remain on the mortgage needs to contact a lender and complete a mortgage application.

Present your divorce decree. Refinancing a home loan does not automatically release you from liability. To have a spouse's name removed from a joint mortgage, you'll need to provide the lender with a divorce decree.

File a quitclaim deed. If you're divorcing a spouse, you'll need to contact your attorney and request a quitclaim deed. Your spouse signs this document at closing, and it transfers ownership of the home to your spouse. In return, you relinquish all interest in the property.