How to Request Part-time Employment

Full-time employees may need to switch to part-time work for a variety of reasons, including being new parents or having other family responsibilities to which they need to attend. Planning your approach to requesting part-time work from your employer is important and may help to get your request granted. Other factors, including employer policies, may also affect your request.

Write out your reasons for working part-time. Phrase them so they do not sound like you are entitled to working part-time. (See Reference 1.)

Write a plan that covers how you plan to make the arrangement work. Include items such as being willing to do a job share, delegating certain tasks to your team members and being available outside of your regular work hours to answer urgent phone calls and messages.

Request a meeting with your supervisor to discuss the situation. Set aside enough time to go over your proposal in detail.

Present your ideas to your supervisor. Demonstrate that you have thought of the impact on the business from a variety of angles and that you have come up with ideas to solve any potential problems and alleviate difficulties that may arise. State how you plan to be an effective worker on a part-time basis and why the supervisor should retain you as a part-time employee. List contributions you can make to the company working part time.

Tell your boss ways the company can benefit from your working part time. Stress your commitment to the company and how you will maintain that level of dedication whille working fewer hours.

Negotiate with your boss if you cannot reduce the number of hours you work to the level you request. Ask to be flexible about the specific hours you work as well as whether you work from home or in the office.


You may lose some or all of your benefits if you go part time. You may need to work a certain number of part-time hours to keep your benefits. You may also be looked over when it promotions are given.

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